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About Keyword Position Checker Free

Keyword Position Checker is a tool used to check the position of a website or URL in the search engine especially Google and Yahoo for given keyword(s). Twebsites keyword position checker tool is very accurate in results because it respond results on live situation of keyword on search pages. This Online SEO Tool is completely free and you don’t need to sign up for using keyword position checker.
You type a Domain or URL (website / web page) address, twebsites keyword position checker tool check almost 63 different regions of Google against each provided keyword. Sometimes it may take few minutes in generating report as it will also help you in indexing your website on different search engines free online.
We are continuously improving our tools and very much dedicated to provide you free services without any delay.


How to check keyword position on Google or Search Engines ?

There are many ways to check keyword position on Google and search engines but if you are looking for an accurate, easy and free keyword position tool. We recommend you to use twebsites keyword position checker 

  1. Click to open Keyword Position Checker or type (“”)
  2. Type your Website URL or Webpage address in domain name field
  3. Type keywords or keyword strings each on separate line (avoid special characters symbols etc)
  4. Then select number of records to be crawled on webpage to verify existence and position of said keyword again your URL (we recommend you to keep it as lower as you can ie 50)