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About XML Sitemap Generator

Sitemap is basically a Prototype of complete website structure, Normally it is submitted to different search engines through their defined console by web developers. Sitemap helps to crawl and index your web pages and also guides a search engine about hierarchy and schema of your website.
A good Sitemap also contains information about last modification (changes) and set priority of major and sub pages of website.
Twebsites offered free xml sitemap generator is best in market as it seamlessly explore more detailed pages, images etc and help you to successfully index them on search engines.


How to generate sitemap.xml ?

  1. Click to open XML Sitemap Generator or type URL
  2. Enter your full website URL (including http or https in beginning or your URL) 
  3. Now and some other optional parameters in the form above eg Modified Date, Frequency of change of your web page(s).
  4. Press ‘Generate Sitemap’ button.
  5. Our system will automatically crawl your whole website and generate all type of links in a Sitemap as node(s).

You may Download / Copy and Submit this online freely generated sitemap on google through google search console for rapid indexing of your whole website.