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URL Rewriting for SEO

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About URL Rewriting for SEO

This free URL Rewriting tool helps you to convert Long OR Dynamic URLs (a URL which have variables etc) into Small, Easy and SEO Friendly URLs

This URL Rewriting tool for SEO is used by website owners, website designers or software engineers for converting long ugly URLs into SEO friendly short URLS. This Twebsites URL restricting tool creates a dynamic .htaccess file for your ease. By using this tool you can convert Longest URLs into Shortest URLs without any change in existing script.


How to make SEO Friendly URLs ?

  1. Please click on Free URL Rewriting Tool or open https://www.twebsites.com/free-url-rewriting-tool
  2. Please type long URL eg ( https://www.domain.com/test.php?categoryid=1&productid=10 ) and click on submit button.
  3. The system will use two or three type of techniques and provide you the complete information for choosing any best technique for your Website URLs. You may choose Single Page URL (.htaccess script ) or Directory Type URL (.htaccess script) for whole website.