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About Domain Blacklist Check

When a website is blacklisted on any search engine because of any reason, the search engines kill existence of that website on internet.
Major reasons a website may be blacklisted by search engines

  1. if a website is involved in type of spamming.
  2. if a website is suspected for being used for hacking other websites.
  3. if a website has links to untrusted websites.

Very Important:

Search engines use IP address for blacklisting a website. So sometimes when we are using shared hosting, our website is using the same IP address of other shared websites. Any or few websites might be listed or blacklisted in various search engines so it may cause serious impacts on our websites. 


How to check domain blacklist or not ?

  1. Please click on Domain Blacklist Lookup Tool or open

  2. Please type Domain Name in box (including http or https) and click submit.